24 December 2013

Easy and Delicious Cookie Recipes and Gift Ideas

I'd like to share with you some of my favorite cookie recipes and the people that inspired my healthy (and healthier-version-and-definitely-yummy) cookie cravings.

Don't worry if you're too busy this holiday season, these are pretty quick to do and their good as gifts as well! Not just for Santa, of course. ;)

My Top 5 Cookie Inspirations

in no  particular order, image is credited to the recipe maker as linked
Click the image for the link to the recipe. :)

1. Hazelnut Chocolate Coconut Cookies from Michelle of Cavegirl Cuisine

The first time I baked these my tastebuds really danced with the flavors. Very hearty, even Santa will love it!

Note: I used a coffee grinder to process the hazelnuts.

2. "Not Guilty" Chocolate Chip Cookies from Katie of Chocolate-Covered Katie 

I made these a bunch of times before and it's really easy to make. Katie also has other easy-to-make cookie recipes to follow. Visit and follow her blog for more.


3. Oat and Berries Cookies from Cassey of Blogilates 

I love Cassey to the bones! She makes her famous "cheap cleans eats" and they're very easy to make. This particular recipe only has 3 ingredients! I have no more "I'm too busy to eat healthy" snacks, cheats or otherwise, thanks to her.


4. Real-Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies from Danielle of Against All Grain

One of the reasons why I like this is because you can just make the dough and freeze it as a gift! You can bake some for your guests or wrap the dough as holiday presents.

Danielle also made cookie tags for us to print and cut-out to go along with the dough. So thoughtful!


5. Peanut Butter Balls (no-bake) from Angela of Oh She Glows 

Now, this one's not particularly a cookie but I love them as cookie doughs! They are eaten as is, no-bake and no kidding! Perfect for your busy schedule.


Happy eating! :)

Again, to make it clear, photos and images are credited to the recipe makers. Click the images or their names to see the recipes.

May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

Much love,

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